A beautiful gift for the beautiful Bellas! 


Bracelet Info: This looks like Monica Vinader’s Fiji Diamond Chain Friendship Bracelet. There are a ton of different varieties on the site!

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Anna Kendrick Birthday Countdown 2014

It’s almost Anna’s 29th birthday! So we have to celebrate it somehow because sadly we can’t go to her birthday party which will probably be awesome. So instead, I’ve assembled a countdown list up to her birthday. Starting July 26th, the countdown will start. Fifteen days of Anna…it’s gonna be pretty boss.

Make gifs, edits…whatever you want really. To keep everything organized, please tag with ‘akbirthday2014’.

July 26: Instagram(s)
July 27: Tweet(s)
July 28: Colour(s)
July 29: Outfit(s)
July 30: Hair Moment(s)
July 31: Celebrity friend(s)
August 1: Candid(s)
August 2: Event(s)
August 3: Music Video(s)
August 4: Performance(s)
August 5: Interview(s)
August 6: Movie(s)
August 7: Photoshoot(s)
August 8: Overall Photo(s)
August 9: Birthday!

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"what's this birthday meme you're talking about?" by Anonymous

I’m just making an official post about it now actually.

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"Maybe you could do singing performances for the birthday meme? She has a lot of those under her belt now :)" by Anonymous

Sounds good to me. Thanks. 

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anna kendrick by dan martensen

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"maybe music videos could be one. i know she was in a LCD Soundsystem video. Maybe there are others?" by follow-the-mirror-rule

That could work. She was also in the Ben Folds Five video and of course, the ‘lovely’ Cups video.

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I’m working on the Birthday meme and I need two more ideas for days. Anyone got anything?

Here’s what I have so far.

  1. Instagram(s)
  2. Tweet(s)
  3. Colour(s)
  4. Outfit(s)
  5. Hair Moment(s)
  6. Celebrity friend(s)
  7. Candid(s)
  8. Event(s)
  9. Interview(s)
  10. Movie(s)
  11. Photoshoot(s)
  12. Overall Photo(s)
  13. Birthday!
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During preparation for Woods, the musical director warned Kendrick that no Cinderella had ever nailed the big ballad, “On the Steps of the Palace,” an atonal whirlwind.

"There’s always a note or two that’s wrong, because the song is impossible," Kendrick says, "so I made it my mission to actually get the fucking notes right, which I didn’t realize was going to be such a problem." Doesn’t that sounds like the vow of a Type A overachiever, after all?

"I guess," Kendrick says reluctantly. She pauses, then bursts out laughing. "Or you could look at it like, well, that’s my fucking job."


— excerpt from  "Anna Kendrick Had Her Heart Broken by a Hot Dog" by Amy Nicholson

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Broadway's The Leading Ladies Concert (1999)

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[5] favorite movies→ Pitch perfect

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