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So, what’s your deal? Are you one of those girls who’s »all dark and mysterious, then she takes off her glasses and that amazingly scary ear spike and you realize that, you know, she was beautiful the whole time?

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Evolution of Anna Kendrick's Voice
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Evolution of Anna Kendrick’s voice.

So I decided to make this, since I love her voice and she is just very talented. 

Following songs in order:

1. I Love Paris (Musical: High Society, 1998)

2. Life Upon A Wicked Stage (My Broadway Leading Ladies, 1998)

3. Ladies Who Lunch (Movie: CAMP, 2003)

4. For Good ft. Kristin Chenoweth (Trevor Live Concert, 2012)

5. Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas (Christmas In Washington, 2013)

Program used: Garageband 6.0.5

Please give me credit, twitter user: @DaniellaDelfin

Hello fellow Anna lovers. 

I’ll be going on hiatus from April 19th to May 3rd due to a fun Europe adventure. 

Hopefully nothing too crazy happens when I’m gone.

You girls are awesome… ly horrible. I hate you. Kill yourselves. 

@annakendrick47: The scent wafting out of Abercrombie stores is a fucking day ruiner. How did they manage to bottle the smell of high school and rejection?

Infinite List of Favourite Movies | Pitch Perfect (2012)
Chloe, don’t worry, it’s just God punishing you ‘cause you’re a ginger.