Anna Kendrick Birthday Countdown : Day 4
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Anna Kendrick Birthday Countdown

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Anna Kendrick Birthday Countdown [3/15] - Colour: Red


anna kendrick birthday countdown [day 4/15]


Life After Beth x

Anna Kendrick Birthday Countdown: Day 4

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Anna Kendrick Birthday Countdown 2014

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Kristen Stewart ABC | Anna Kendrick

Fact: We love Anna Kendrick — so much, we even debated whether she might be the next Jennifer Lawrence. From her hilarious performance on SNL to being a late bloomer, she’s won our admiration time and again.

But, perhaps the only thing better than talking about Kendrick would be talking to Kendrick. Lucky for us, we had the opportunity to chat with the young starlet right after she finished filming Pitch Perfect 2. In fact, she jumped on the phone with us while hopping into a car to go from Baton Rouge, LA to Jackson, MS to start filming the family dramedy The Hollars with John Krasinski.

Kendrick’s Chicago-made film Happy Christmas opened in theaters last week, so we got the scoop on her favorite Windy City memories, and chatted with her about starring as Cinderella in the upcoming Into the Woods. Forget being pitch perfect. Kendrick is perfect in every way possible.

You work with an incredible cast in Into the Woods (Editor’s note: Think Johnny Depp, Meryl Streep, Emily Blunt). What was it like on the set?
“That was beyond incredible. There was a day that I was feeling really overwhelmed by how beautiful the surroundings were, just the scale of the production, and looking around at all these awesome people that I got to work with. Tracey Ullman said exactly the same thing to me, so I think that even for someone of her caliber, it was just this overwhelming blessing of an experience to be working at that level — and to also be making something that so many people might thing is esoteric. It’s such a beautiful, thoughtful piece, that to be able to make it on that kind of big-budget scale was really a dream come true.”

Seeing that you played Cinderella in the movie, were you into fairy tales as a kid?
“I guess I never really felt one way or another about fairy tales, but I was certainly surprised that I was going to play Cinderella because I would think that someone taller and a little more graceful would be playing the character. So, that was a little bit daunting. But, then I realized that’s exactly what Rob Marshall wanted from me — to be a little bit softer and a little bit scrappier. That was a really exciting thing to be able to do with him; to take a fairy tale like that and put my weird energy into it.”

What is your “weird energy?”
“I guess just a little uncertain and a little awkward — but also overthinking things. If anything, I would say that Rob’s mantra to me was ‘less head, more heart’ because I tend to overthink things, and Cinderella tends to overthink things in this version. So, at a certain point we had to bring it back to being about her humanity.”

Speaking of character development, your character in Happy Christmas is a young adult struggling to find herself. Could you relate since you’re the same age?
“Yes, completely. I mean, I don’t drink as much as Jenny, my character, does — even though I sort of pretend that I do. Like, I joke a lot about being drunk all the time because it’s funny. I think people talk a lot about Jenny’s drinking and her recklessness, but to me, the crux of her character is really her inability to apologize. It’s not that she doesn’t feel sorry, it’s just that she’s too embarrassed and prideful to even express the shame that she feels. Ultimately, she’s so confident and so ashamed of herself that she has to kind of retreat back to feeling like she can just talk her way around an apology without ever really giving one. And, I think that’s something that I struggle with, too. Being able to express myself directly, talking my way around it, and then expecting the other person to know what I’m feeling.”

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